• UN Human Rights Council President
    assures action against Maldives, 29 June 2015
  • Maldives - ACHR seeks UN action
    against Supreme Court judges for violation of the UN Human Rights Council Resolution, 26 June 2015
  • Maldives is not doing enough - A
    resolution at the 29th session of the UN Human Rights Council is a must, 24 June 2015
  • UN Human Rights Council urged to
    pass a resolution against Maldives - President Yameen putting his opponents in jail but not taking any action against those joining the Islamic State, 15 June 2015
  • ACHR welcomes UN High Commissioner's
    statement on unlawful conviction of Maldives' ex-President, 19 March 2015
  • UN Security Council urged to intervene
    on Maldives following sentencing of former President Nasheed under terrorism charges, 14 March 2015
  • Former President Nasheed must be
    released, 24 February 2015
  • Maldives set to be reelected
    unopposed in the UN Human Rights Council today - ACHR calls for its suspension and imposition of travel and employment ban on President Waheed, Supreme Court judges and the Police Commissioner, 12 November 2013
  • UN urged to intervene in Maldives, 08 November 2006
  • Rights group condemns the Kangaroo trial of Maldives' Opposition Leader, 27 October 2005
  • ACHR condemns 10 years imprisonment of MDP activist Jeniffer Latheef, 18 October 2005
  • Over 350 political activists arrested in Maldives, 19 August 2005
  • Maldives Foreign Minister urged to release opposition leaders, 13 August 2005
  • President Gayoom urged to withdraw his proposals, 30 March 2005