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Naxal Conflict Monitor

Vol No. II, Issue No.III,
July - September 2007

Naxal Conflict Monitor

Vol No. II, Issue No.II
April - June 2007

Naxal Conflict Monitor

Vol No. II, Issue No. I
Jan-March 2007

Naxal Conflict Monitor

Vol No. I, Issue No. III
July-September 2006

Naxal Conflict Monitor

Vol No. I, Issue No. II
April-June 2006

I. Killings of security forces surpass the civilians and alleged Naxalites

II. Killings by the Naxalites

III. Killings by the security forces

IV. Evaluate Chhattisgarh’s anti-Naxal policies


  • Naxal Conflict in 2006, 10 January 2007
  • The Adivasi of Chhattisgarh: Victims of the Naxalites Movement and Salwa Judum Campaign, 17 March 2006

    ACHR Review

  • Review/162/07: Naxal Conflict Monitor, Vol II, Issue No I, 11 April 2007
  • Review/135/06: The Naxal conflict in India : Killings down, armament up, 4 October 2006
  • Review/117/06: The Adivasis of Chhattisgarh: Victims of Naxalite Movement and Salwa Judum Campaign, 22 March 2006
  • Review/91/05: Naxalism and looming civil wars of India, 21 September 2006

  • Press Releases

  • 08/12/2010: Mining companies are arming the Maoists
  • 30/09/2010: Maoists urged to release 4 Chhattisgarh policemen
  • 28/05/2010: ACHR condemns attack on the Gyaneshwari Express by the Maoists
  • 18/05/2010: Maoists’ dastardly attack on civilians in Chhattisgarh uncondonable
  • 18/02/2010: Wanton killing of civilians by alleged Maoists in Bihar condemned
  • 07/09/2009: Naxals condemned for massacre of civilians in Jharkhand
  • 29/05/2009: India Human Rights Report 2009
  • 09/12/2008: "India Human Rights Report 2008" released
  • 27/10/2007: Naxal leaders must be held responsible for the Jharkhand killings
  • 03/10/2007: Naxal violence kills 384 persons in India
  • 04/07/2007Naxal killings decrease by 45% during first half of 2007
  • 30/05/2007: Armed groups are responsible for more violations, police firing endemic
  • 11/04/2007: Chhattisgarh accounts for 70% of Naxal related killings in the first quarter of 2007
  • 10/01/2007: 749 killed in 2006 in the Maoists' conflict in India: Salwa Judum campaign prolongs the conflict
  • 17/07/2006: 460 killed in Naxal conflict, ACHR condemns Errabore killings
  • 29/04/2006: Naxals urged to release kidnapped Adivasis, killing of two hostages condemned
  • 12/04/2006: Prime Minister urged to stop Salwa Judum campaign, 114 persons killed by the Naxalites in Chhattisgarh in 2006
  • 30/03/2006: Centre urged to set up a separate Ministry for Development of Naxalite Affected Areas
  • 25/03/2006: ACHR condemns Chhattisgarh killings
  • 17/03/2006: Chhattisgarh Government and Naxalites urged to talk
  • 01/03/2006: Senseless killings in Chattisgarh condemned
  • 3/09/2005: ACHR deplores Maoists' massacre in Jharkhand

  • The Naxals get lethal

    Chhattisgarh continues to be the epicenter of the conflict

    (Vol No.II, Issue No.III)
    Emabargoed for 03 October 2007
    PDF / HTML

    At least 384 persons including 129 civilians, 162 security forces and 93 alleged Naxalites have been killed in the Naxal conflict during January to September 2007. The highest number of killings were reported from Chhattisgarh (208), followed by Andhra Pradesh (59), Jharkhand (44) and Bihar (28). The Naxal conflict has serious implications on the enjoyment of human rights ....Read more

    Killings decrease, conflict intensifies

    (Vol No.II, Issue No.II)
    Embargoed for 4 July 2007
    PDF / HTML

    There has been 45% decrease in the number of killings in comparison to the same period in 2006 which saw the killing of at least 460 persons. However, the conflict is intensifying as reflected from the killing of 113 security forces ...Read more

    Evaluate anti-Naxal policies of the Chhattisgarh government

    (Vol No.II, Issue No.I)
    Emabargoed for 11 April 2007

    PDF / HTML

    A total of 144 persons including 27 civilians, 80 security forces and 37 alleged Naxalites were killed between January and March 2007 in 10 Naxal affected States of India. Out of these, 101 persons or 70% of the total victims were killed in Chhattisgarh, followed by killing of 25 persons in Andhra Pradesh. Read more

    Naxal Conflict in 2006, 10 January 2007

    The Naxal Conflict in 2006 is the first such report prepared by any organisation in India. The provides the most comprehensive analysis of the Naxalite conflict and its implications on human rights and fundamental freedoms during 2006. A total of 749 persons were killed in 2006 which included 285 civilians, 135 security personnel and 329 alleged Naxalites. Chhattisgarh accounted for 48.5% of the total killings as a direct consequence of the anti-Naxalite Salwa Judum campaign. The conflict unfolds. >>> read more

    States' Response to Naxalism

    The cost of the conflict

    Month-wise killings as of 30.06.06

    State-wise killings as of 30.06.06

    AP = Andhra Pradesh; BH = Bihar; CHH = Chhattisgarh; JHA = Jharkhand; MAH = Maharastra; MP = Madhya Pradesh; ORS = Orissa; UP = Uttar Pradesh; WB = West Bengal
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