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27 April 2005

Annan urged to intervene on Nepal

New Delhi: Asian Centre for Human Rights in a memoradum to the visiting UN Secretary General Kofi Annan urge to intervene for the restoration of democracy in Nepal and request India, USA and UK not to resume military supplies without the restoration of multi-party democracy in Nepal.

The arrest of former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba today early morning and his former colleague Minister Jaya Prakash Prasad Gupta on 26 April 2005 shows that there is no let up on the repression of political activists. While some senior political leaders have been released, hundreds of political activists at the district level have been arrested under the Public Safety Act and they have been put under detention for 90 days without any trial. The detainees have been denied proper health and sanitation facilities and held incommunicado. On 26 April 2005, a team of the National Human Rights Commission was prevented from visiting the Pahara Battalion at Tripureshwor to examine the condition of political leaders and cadres detained there after Feb 1.

The Secretary General  was urged to send his Special Representative on children caught in armed conflict situations. While the Maoists deliberately targeted educational institutions and children, the Royal Nepal Army personnel have also killed many children. On 22 March 2005, three youth – Narayan Bahadur Kanauji Magar (17) of Class IX, Tek Bahadur Gaha (15) of Class VIII, and Dal Bahadur Darlami (15) of Class VI– were shot dead by plain-clothes security personnel taking them for Maoists. No RNA personnel has been punished.

There is complete ban on press freedom. Over a dozen journalists continue to be detained. On 26 April 2005, police arrested Dwarika Uprety, publisher of the Nepali weekly, Roadmap from Putalisadak, Kathmandu. The government continues to detain human rights activists, political leaders and academics within Kathmandu valley and severely restrict freedom of movement.

The Secretary General was urged to send an investigation team to investigate violations of the war crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court for appropriate actions by the International Criminal Court.


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