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ACHR Index: PR/IND/18/06
06 November 2006

Assam killings are dastardly acts of terrorism

New Delhi: Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) today condemned the killings of at least 12 persons and injury of at least 25 persons in the explosions planted by the armed opposition groups in Guwahati, Assam on 5 November 2006 as “dastardly acts of terrorism”.

“No political ideology or demand can justify such acts of terrorism which target innocent civilians. The killings are premeditated and therefore, the explosives were planted at Chai Galli of the busy commercial centre of Fancy Bazaar and at Patharquarry area in Noonmati near Indian Oil Corporation's Guwahati Refinery and Oil India Limited installations to cause maximum loss of human lives and damage to public properties.”stated Mr Suhas Chakma, Director of Asian Centre for Human Rights.

“The deliberate acts of targeting civilians violate provisions of international humanitarian laws and all armed opposition groups must ensure respect for international humanitarian laws.”further added Mr Chakma.

ACHR demanded the State Government of Assam to take measures to bring the culprits to justice and pay adequate compensation to the victims.


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