ACHR Index: PR/NEP/03/06
20 March 2006

United States urged to support the SPA and the Maoists agreement

New Delhi: Asian Centre for Human Rights today welcomed the agreement reached between the Seven Parties Alliance (SPA) and the Communist Party of the Nepal (Maoists) as a “decisive step” to break the political stalemate in Nepal . Under the agreement, the Maoists withdrew the current blockade imposed on 14 March 2006 while the political parties will launch agitation programmes from 6 to 9 April 2006 .

“This is a clear message to King Gyanendra that there is no space for absolute monarchy in a democratic country.” – stated Mr. Suhas Chakma , Director of Asian Centre for Human Rights.

“It is also a clear indication that the Maoists have given way to democratic protests. The time has come for the United States, which has earlier expressed reservations to the 12 point agreement, to take note of this perceptible change in policy of the Maoists and extend full support to the democratic protests of the seven party-political alliance,” further stated Mr. Chakma.

Over 13,000 persons have been killed since the conflict began in 1996. The blockade by the Maoists from 14 March 2006 had also crippled the communications in the country.


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