ACHR Index: PR/NP/05/06
6 April 2006

Impose sanctions on Nepal
UK's cutting of aid welcomed 

New Delhi: Asian Centre for Human Rights stated that the mass crackdown on the political leaders, journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders to scuttle the protests of the Alliance of Restoration of Democracy which was launched today exposes that King Gyandendra has no interest to restore or resolve the conflict with the Maoists. 

Welcoming cutting of aid from £47 million in 2004 to below £ 32 million in 2006 because of the lack of peace and democracy by the United Kingdom, Asian Centre for Human Rights urged UN Secretary General to instruct the UNDP in Nepal to suspend its cooperation with King Gyanendra rather than mere expression of concerns about the deteriorating situation.  

“Unless members of the international community impose further decisive sanctions against King Gyanendra's administration, American style lip-service about arrests and harassment of pro-democracy activists cannot bring peace and democracy in Nepal.”stated Mr Suhas Chakma, Director of Asian Centre for Human Rights. 

Reacting to the US embassy's statement about the ongoing crackdown, Asian Centre for Human Rights urged the United States to clarify its position with regard to the people of Nepal.  

“Dismissing the Maoists, who control 80% of the landscape of Nepal and forged an alliance with the Alliance for Restoration of Democracy, as illegitimate political force can only be done at the perils of Nepal. The United States should clarify as to whether it stands for the restoration of democracy and resolution of the conflict in Nepal or it is still engaged with ideological war with the Maoists and support King Gyanendra at the cost of the people of Nepal” – stated Mr Chakma further.


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