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ACHR Index: PR/SLK/02/07
04 May 2007

UK's Lanka aid freeze welcomed
India and others asked to follow

New Delhi: Asian Centre for Human Rights today welcomed the decision of the United Kingdom to freeze about 3 million pounds aid to Sri Lanka because of its poor human rights record. The United Kingdom yesterday decided to freeze aid to Sri Lanka for not complying with agreed human rights conditions.

“This is the most significant step taken so far to address flagrant and systematic human rights violations by the Sri Lankan security forces, killing of the aid workers with impunity and continued threat to the human rights defenders and humanitarian workers by the vigilante groups with the sanction of the Sri Lankan state” – stated Mr Suhas Chakma, Director of Asian Centre for Human Rights.

Asian Centre for Human Rights also urged India, European Union, Japan, United States, and the United Nations agencies to halt all aid, except humanitarian aid, to address violations of human rights and humanitarian laws, and put the moribund peace process with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the track.


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