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I. Overview

Ruled by the Mizo National Front, Mizoram’s Chief Minister Zoramthanga plays the role of a peace emissary with various armed opposition groups in the North East. Peace, however, has remained elusive in Mizoram. Twelve rounds of talks between the State government and Bru National Liberation Front (BNLF) have failed to resolve the Bru imbroglio. [1] Over 35,000 Reangs also known as the Brus who have taken shelter in Tripura since 1997 continued to languish in the relief camps. 

The Myanmarese refugees who faced large-scale refoulement in 2003 constantly live under fear. The order of the National Human Rights Commission of 25 October 2004 pertaining to the complaint of the Asian Centre for Human Rights against the refoulement of the Myanmarese refugees has failed to stop the refoulement.

Non-state organisations especially the Young Mizo Association, Mizo Zirlai Pawl and Mizo Students Union have been instrumental for the refoulement of the Myannmarese refugees. These non-State organisations continued to take law into their hands with regard to the “outsiders” - those who have allegedly entered Mizoram without valid Inner Line Permits (ILP) or continued to live after the expiry of the ILP.

Ethnic minorities continue to be discriminated and demand for Union Territory (UT) by the Lai, Mara and Chakma UT Demand Committee surfaced.

On 19 March 2004, the ruling MNF members turned down a private member bill on Right to Information and Transparency in Public Procurement Bill. [2]

Though Mizoram government has made significant progress for codification of customary laws, women continued to suffer from traditional justice system. There has been increase of trafficking of women. [3]

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